Golf: The Gentleman’s Sport is also a Quiet One

Golf It Supposed To Be a Quiet Sport

We all know that golf is a quite a sport. When you go to a tour event they tell you no cell phones. There are also people holding signs when to be quiet. Some people find it hard especially being it’s considered to be a sporting event. When you go to an NFL, NHL, NBA or any other major sporting event they want you to be as loud as you can be if you’re quiet they think you’re weird. I have been to a few and they are very strict on what you say and how loud you say it. Well at the Phoenix Open that quiet thing is not a thing in fact at a particular hole they want you to be as loud as you can be.

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is held every year in the earlier part of the PGA tour season. Just like most golf tournaments golf fans will go and cheer on their favorite player. Most of the big names will go and play there. The tournament directors hope to draw the big names there to play in hope of drawing more fans. One of those draws in the 16th hole which is a par 3. Many call this the loudest hole in golf. The hole is surrounded by stadium like seating from tee to green. Most of the fans that go to this tournament flock to that hole. Making sure they can be as loud as they like. The players called it the most intimating hole in golf.


As the players approached Hole 16 they walk through a tunnel like most or all the other professional sports do. As they approach the tee box the crown begins to get rowdy. Now comes the intimidating part. Fans are yelling and screaming. Especially if the player hits a good shot they approve. On the other hand, if the player hits a bad shot they will let you have it.

I have watched the tournament many times on TV. If the player hits a bad shot they will scream out “You’re a pro can’t you hit a better shot than that” or “An amateur player can hit better than you can”. However, if the player gets a hole in one it sounds like the greatest play in sports. Most of the players will interact with the crowd which makes more appealing to the fans. If the player is having a bad day and doesn’t acknowledge the crowd they will boo him until he leaves the green.

The tours all around the world are trying to gain experience and players through tournaments and charities they help or donate too. They are trying to make golf more appealing to everyone. The Phoenix Open has taken it to a level that most traditional golfers dislike. I’ve had a chance to play with the most level of players through the 29 years I have been playing. Some players like as quiet as possible other like you to talk and be alive and have fun. This hole at this tournament makes it fun again. Most amateur players, like me, want to play this hole with the crowd there and see how we do.

I would personally step up and hope I hit a good shot and even if I didn’t I would acknowledge the crowd so they would not boo me. Furthermore, we can only hope other holes draw people to tournaments. In fact, the only other one I can think of is the Island Green number 17 at The Players Championship in Ponte Verde, Florida. In the end, this is what makes golf cool even though many find it boring.

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