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Glow: Ruth Should Be The Main Attraction

GLOW was a massive success for Netflix. The performance of Alison Brie (Ruth) was one of the contributing reasons for that. With Season 2 set to debut this year, it would be nice to see her character overtake Debbie as the focal point of Sam’s vision.

There’s no reason why Ruth, a massive heel, should be regulated to Debbie’s punching bag. Debbie has a lot more acting experience than Ruth, but nobody has worked harder to perfect her character and wrestling ability than she has.

Sam only sees the money. And while that’s a common thing in avenues such as wrestling, he failed to see the work Ruth has put into her craft. Debbie just slacked off, even quit on the girls. While Ruth and Debbie did put in a lot of work to make their headlining match great, Ruth is the driving force behind that duo.


A curveball was thrown our way when Sam gave the title to Welfare Queen. This came at the end of the first season. He claims it’s all about the chase for Liberty Belle. Wouldn’t the chase make for sense if the belt was around the waist of Ruth?

There’s actually history and chemistry with Ruth and Debbie. If Sam wants real, hard-hitting action to continue then Liberty Belle’s quest to get the belt has to come from Ruth, not Welfare Queen. The two have proven they can put personal feelings aside and work together. Hence, there’s a real aggression there, let them work it out in the ring.

Ruth should have been Sam’s first champ of Glow. Unfortunately, the heel in wrestling doesn’t always get the fan attention, love, or success of the face. In this instance though, Ruth deserves a lot more than what she’s getting. In fact, Debbie isn’t the worker Ruth is, not by a long shot. Thus, Sam needs to see this and make the right decision.

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