Politics: Time for Donald Trump to define his Presidency

Back on February 14th, Americans were a witness, through the media outlets, of another school shooting. This time it was a nineteen-year-old kid, Nikolas Cruz, who went into Stoneman Douglas High School towards the end of the day and starting shooting at staff and students. In total, Cruz killed seventeen and injured fifteen. As of this writing, there is no known motive for why he did this. While investigators are trying to figure that out, the public is trying to figure something else out. They are also asking for help from President Donald Trump.


They are trying to figure out when will this come to an end. No parent should be fucking concerned that if they send their child to school that they won’t come back home or will come home in a body bag. Since Sandy Hook, there have been 200 school shootings. We shouldn’t forget the other shootings at churches, malls, concerts, and others. Here are more staggering numbers about the mass shootings that have occurred in America. Since Sandy Hook, there have been 1,518 acts of guns violence. Killing 1,715 people and wounding 6,000 more. It ends up averaging to one mass shooting a day. These people didn’t die for any reason other than the fact that  someone was pissed.

It is worth noting how there are several common pieces to every one of these shootings. In most cases, the shooter used an AR-15 and the person has some sort of mental problems. However, as a good friend of mine said to me, “If he was Muslim or black, you never hear the mental health being brought up.” As I said to her, Mental health has no bearing on race. In all honesty, I agree with her. While you very rarely see a shooting done by a Muslim or African-American, mental health never comes up. Let us not forget, if it was someone from Mexico then the only comments we hear is that a wall should be built.

Since the Parkland shooting, restrictions on guns have been a lot of the topic of conversations. While I am all in favor of gun restrictions happening, I don’t see it happening. As the same friend put it to me perfectly, “If nothing was done when first graders were killed, then nothing will happen now”. She makes a valid point. If Congress didn’t do anything about gun violence after the killing of little kids at Sandy Hook, they won’t do anything now. In order for anything to be done at this point, there is one person who can make this change. Donald Trump is the only one who has any power to do anything at this point. Congress can make the law, but if Donald Trump doesn’t like it or it fits his agenda, then he won’t do crap about it.

While it would be nice for Trump to do something, he won’t. For starters, both of his sons are avid hunters and he won’t say anything bad about guns. Also, he is not a president of the people. Changing the gun laws doesn’t help him and the people he protects. However, he is a fool because if he actually stopped playing golf for one weekend and actually did something productive, then maybe he can save any shot of being a decent president. But he is more concerned with calling out the “fake media” or building the dam wall on our southern border.


If I were Trump, then I would look in the mirror and realize that the problem is within America. You look at the Las Vegas shooting, Aurora shooting, Sandy Hook shooting, or many of the other shootings that have happened and they are white men who are doing these. Another thing I would do is offer free healthcare to help the people who have some mental problems. It is clear that most of the people who are performing these acts have some sort of mental health problem.

Since the whole issue has happened in Parkland, it seems that Trump is acting more like a baby and less like a president. When it came to his speech, he showed no remorse at all. I get the fact that it isn’t in his job title, but there are parents who are burying there kids. Any human being would should some sort of remorse. If Donald Trump had a brain in his head then he would try to put an end to this by changing the gun laws in this country. Which, in turn, could define his presidency. However, he is more concerned with what his golf score is.



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