Black Panther: A crystal ball into Infinity War

Black Panther no doubt is one of Marvel’s best movies. It could potentially go on to break many box office records and change the way we see superhero films. With their usual brand of comedy mixed with action we see a world unlike anything we’ve experienced so far. Shaking off their usual lackluster villains, Black Panther kept you invested in both the T’Challa and Killmonger. However, in the background of the two’s feud, we get a pretty clear glimpse at what could go down in the next Avengers movie Infinity War. If you haven’t seen the film then I’d wait out reading further. However, there are minor clues to the fate of two of our biggest heroes set up by Black Panther.


First and foremost, is Tony Stark now expendable? There’s a new richest man in town hailing from Wakanda with the resources needed to support the team and their missions. Not only does T’Challa have the means, he’ll now have the know how. With his little sister, Shuri, attached at the hip the Black Panther brings with him a tech genius needed. This gives the MCU perfect opportunity to move on from Robert Downey Jr. and bring in a younger, more relatable, actress to fill the role. Like Stark, Shuri was intelligent, witty, and fun so there will be no loss in team dynamic with her as the resident tech genius. That doesn’t necessarily mean Robert Downey Jr can’t be used in future films if he does perish in Infinity War. In the comics, Stark uploads an AI version of himself to be an extra set of eyes and ears for the Avengers.

Another potential victim of Thanos in Infinity War has to be Steve Rodgers. Captain America is no more after walking away from the shield at the end of Civil War. The mantle has been left open and waiting for someone to take up Cap’s shield. It’s not until the end credits that it’s revealed where the Winter Soldier has been hiding. With ties to Wakanda, it’s more than likely Bucky’s new arm will be made from the same Vibranium that the village protects. A man with an arm strong enough to stop bullets probably doesn’t need Captain America’s shield to protect himself. If Steve Rodgers perishes in Infinity War, one of the two people closest to him will honor his memory. The only one left is Sam Wilson. The Falcon has been in the background of most of the films, but if Marvel had no interest in using the character they wouldn’t have kept him around. Since Cap originally dies at the end of Civil War in the comics, Marvel could’ve been keeping him around for a more dramatic moment. Ushering in a new set of heroes, this would be a perfect way to transition to the source comics without a convoluted less believable transition.

While all of this seems to predictable to be true, it’s not without merit. This late in the game Disney may be more prone to showing their hand as they shift focus from big budget team ups back to solo movies. That’s not to say there won’t eventually be more team ups after the second Avengers film, but if they create a new team of Avengers in Infinity War then they’re going to have to build those characters the same way they did the first ones. On top of that, there’s still all the characters potentially acquired in the purchase of 20th Century Fox. These films might be their potential end game on big budgets so there won’t be many secrets left to hold.[RickTwitter]

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