New York Mets Starting Lineup

New York Mets: Projecting the 2018 Starting Rotation

Well, 2017 was a bad year for the New York Mets pitching staff one that seen far too many injuries. Since most injuries were arm injuries a lot of the blame fell on usage. Well, the Mets decided to revamp the whole staff and now look to come back stronger than ever. In my opinion, it would be best for the Mets to go with a 6 man rotation this way the arms get rest. Here is what the 2018 pitching staff will look like for the Mets.

Starting Rotation

First StarterJacob DeGrom – Even in what would be called a down year for DeGrom he pitched 201.1 Innings going 15-10 with a 3.53 ERA. It led ESPN to name him to the top 10 Aces in the game. DeGrom was one of the few who stayed healthy in 2017 and will need to do so in 2018.  If he and the rest of the guys stay healthy the Mets could find themselves in a playoff race come September.

Second StarterNoah Syndergaard – Problem with Noah’s 2017 was he was injured for most of it. He made a return late in the year and was able to pitch then.  With the whole offseason being able to rest he should be in line for the #2 spot in this rotation.

Third Starter – Stephen Matz – A bad season in 2017 has let to question marks about him. Can he rebound and stay healthy? If he does stay healthy will he be able to win 10-12 games for the Mets?  If he does not succeed there are pitchers who can easily have this spot in the rotation.

Fourth StarterSeth Lugo – After missing most of the first half of 2017 he performed well enough after returning from injury to be considered for a starting spot.  The problem is now that the Mets have signed Jason Vargas there are 3 pitchers gunning for this spot.  Vargas, Harvey, and Wheeler will all be looking to be the team’s 4th starter.

Fifth StarterMatt Harvey – Once considered the New York Mets ace and last year watching his ERA go over 7.00 its going to get ugly for Harvey if he starts the season slowly. If he does not get out to a good start one of a couple of things could happen. The Mets will either trade him, demote him to the bullpen or even worse send him to the minors.

Sixth StarterJason Vargas – I know its kind of weird to have a pitcher who tied the league lead in wins last season to be #5 or 6 on a depth chart. However, he will have the opportunity to show the team they should move him up in the rotation. Also, he will be pitching for the Mets this season every time his day comes up.

If this staff can stay healthy and with the offensive homerun ability of the New York Mets lineup I can see the Mets pushing the Washington Nationals for the NL East crown if not taking it altogether.

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