Marvel: Are The Black Panther Powers Tied To The Power Stone?

The film-makers behind all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films are masters of precision. No small detail goes unnoticed when developing films that fit into a universe that now boasts 18 films. So with Black Panther now in theaters, fans and Marvel junkies are examing every small detail of the film, looking for potential clues for future MCU films. One of those details involves the prominence of the color purple in the Black Panther mythology, and how it might tie into the Power Stone.

Before we move any further, let’s throw out the obligatory SPOILER warning for the film sweeping the nation, Black Panther. While we will try to avoid major reveals, there is no getting around the fact that this article is going to get into details only those who have seen the film will know. So consider yourself warned.

Now before we delve into the color purple connection, let’s look at Wakanda’s most prominent resource, Vibranium. The strongest metal on Earth came to Wakanda thanks to a meteor that came crashing down from the cosmos. So right away, we have a cosmic connection to T’Challa’s homeland.

So if Vibranium, the material that makes Wakanda so special, what else from the Black Panther’s home nation could have a tie to the cosmos? The bright purple heart-shaped herb is the most obvious choice. This is what is responsible for giving the Black Panther his powers.

When the herb is crushed up and consumed, it gives the host super-human speed, strength, agility and … power, among other things.

With that said, it is certainly conceivable to think this herb has a cosmic origin and is somehow related to the Infinity Stones us Marvel fans have talked about for years. In particular, the Power Stone, which is clearly identifiable by its purple color.


Now, if it was just the herb, this writer might have looked completely past this possibility. But then let’s factor in the Black Panther suit. Now obviously, Shuri designed this and it did not fall from the sky like the Vibranium. Yes, the suit is made of Vibranium and does not have any direct correlation to the herb itself.

This brings us back to the point about how the filmmakers do not overlook even the smallest of details. So why keep the purple theme going within the suit itself? Sure it looks really sleek, but it could have looked just as cool if those sections of the suit were blue or red. So there’s a reason they kept with the purple theme.

The suit itself, can absorb energy and then release it upon further impact. In other words, it’s a very “power-filled” suit. This is thanks in part to the Vibranium nature of the suit. But it could very well have a deeper meaning.

When Thanos comes to town, and we know the Black Order will be arriving in Wakanda, the Black Panther having an unknown connection to Marvel’s Power Stone could certainly be a nice trick up the heroes metaphorical sleeve.

So what do you think Marvel fans? Will the Black Panther and the purple heart-shaped herb have a connection to the Power Stone? Or maybe the purple color of the herb is just a distraction to hide its true color. Which, in turn, might prove it’s actual connection to the orange Soul Stone? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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