Everything Sucks: A Look Inside the Netflix Original

I decided I was going to take a chance and check out Everything Sucks on Netflix last night. The show started off a bit slow but as always I stayed in as long as I could. There were many storylines in this show and that’s what made it a great show.

First, we meet a boy named Luke who is a Freshmen in Boring High School in Boring, Oregon. He has a crush on this girl who just happens to be the principal’s daughter.  That brings us to Kate the aforementioned Principal’s daughter. She is struggling with her own sexual identity of being a lesbian. Luke sits with 2 of his friends at lunch. They all belong to the A/V club, their names are McQuaid and Tyler.


So Luke starts to fall in love with Kate. However, she is pushing him away because she is obviously not attracted to that sex. We then meet Oliver and Emaline who are the drama club, star-crossed lovers. For them, everything is about drama and over the top.  They fight a lot and cause scenes to draw attention to themselves. It comes to light later in the series that Oliver doesn’t even want to be in the school and has dreams of leaving to go to live in New York.

Emaline who really loved Oliver ends up falling for Kate because she herself didn’t know her own sexuality.  While this is going on after Oliver leaves and before Emaline falls for Kate, McQuaid as getting close to Emaline and ends up liking her. Which he later finds out she is not interested but tries to help him by telling all the girls in the school he is a great kisser.

The soundtrack from this show was amazing as it was all the songs I grew up listening to while I was in high school. This show truly summed up what it was like to be in each of these clubs during high school. There is a lot to write about on Everything Sucks so I will be breaking it up into different segments, looking into the relationships of the characters and what we can possibly expect for season 2 once it gets the green light.


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