Disney: What Marvel Attractions Could We See At The Theme Parks

Hong Kong Disneyland is just the first of the Disney Parks to receive the full-Marvel treatment. With the Iron Man experience already open, and the Ant-Man attraction set to debut soon, it’s safe to assume that Marvel has fully expanded into the park.

As Marvel becomes a more established part of the Disney Parks world, what other Marvel-themed attractions would Disney be wise to invest in for its other locations across the globe? There’s a lot of room for growth with the Marvel Universe, so why not expand it with more characters and rides.

1. Black Panther Stunt Show

We know this is going to be a hit for the MCU. Making an attraction out of the hit film would be a nice way to bring guests into the park. An option for this franchise is to set up a stunt-type show. With high-tech weaponry, cars and a beautiful Wakanda backdrop, it could be the Indiana Jones show for a new generation.

2. Doctor Strange Trackless Dark Ride

Think of this a pipe dream. Just imagine a more grown-up version of Symbolica at Efteling in the Netherlands. (If you haven’t seen POV’s from this ride please do.) Disney already has one of the best trackless rides in the world with Mystic Manor in Hong Kong, and with the new Star Wars trackless rides coming soon, there’s not much real estate to put something like this in. Possibly as part of the rumored Disney Studios Paris Marvel expansion.


3. Iron Man flying theater

Similar to Soarin, this could be the next Marvel attraction to use the same technology. Finally, guests would fly around with Iron Man, going through different settings in the MCU. Places like Wakanda, New York City, and many other locations of the Earth realm. Again, this doesn’t have a chance at happening. Disney Sea is creating a new Soarin attraction, but Iron Man and Marvel won’t be the theme of their new ride. This could all be part of a Disney Studios revamp in Paris.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy motion simulator Star Tours isn’t going anywhere.

That’s what gives this such a bleak chance of getting made. But putting the Guardians in a simulator attraction might be pretty cool. Imagine Star Tours but with Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket, Drax, and Mantis. We know Walt World Disney and Disneyland will never replace Star Tours, especially with Galaxy’s Edge opening soon. In fact, Disney Hong Kong has the Iron Man motion simulator. So, could something like this make its way to Tokyo, Shanghai, or Paris?

These are just four different opportunities for Marvel and Disney. While unlikely, there’s always hope for something crazy like the aforementioned 4 ideas to come to fruition. Thus, knowing Disney, they’ve already got things planned for Marvel in the parks. And even if some of these ideas are out of left field, they are great to think about.


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