Six Flags: Justice League Battle For Metropolis Makes Its Case For World’s Best

Justice League Battle From Metropolis is an all-time favorite interactive dark ride. It’s such an immersive experience. Six Flags has found their signature attraction. And not just fans of DC Comics will enjoy this.

I’m a big comic book nerd. In addition, I can be a tad obsessed with dark rides at Theme Parks. Going to Six Flags Great America, I knew going on Justice League was just as important as the coasters themselves. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed by this ride at all.

It all starts with the exterior of the ride building. Made to look like the Hall of Justice, Battle For Metropolis is a very appealing ride to look at from the moment you walk up to the doors. While the queue line doesn’t offer much in the way of themeing, the videos on the screen are more than enough to keep you entertained.

As you enter the ride loading station, you meet a giant Cyborg animatronic. Seeing this from a Six Flags park almost doesn’t seem real. To be honest, it’s on par, if not better, than some Disney animatronics. This really sets things up well for the ride itself.


Battle For Metropolis is a very detailed attraction. Like the Cyborg animatronic, the ride itself features an almost lifelike Joker. This goes along with the themeing along the ride screens themselves. Thus, it makes you feel as if you’re in Metropolis. Unlike other screen-based dark rides (Voyage to the Iron Reef), this one of highly detailed throughout the entire length.

Being that it’s an interactive dark ride, Battle For Metropolis isn’t very hard to grasp. In fact, the guns seem to be very responsive, and targets are easy to shoot. Not exactly sure what my score was, but I know I was the best in my car. Seeing as it’s easy to understand, young kids won’t have a hard time figuring out the nuances of the ride.

It’s safe to say that Justice League Battle For Metropolis at Six Flags Great America is my all-time favorite interactive dark ride. Yes, it’s really that good. So, a lot of it has to do with it having a Justice League theme. That really helps the overall experience of this attraction.

Whether you’re a DC fan or not, this is the ride for you. Six Flags features the ride in a lot of its parks across North America. Hence, there’s really no excuse to not go on Justice League.


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