Resident Evil: How to reboot it properly

Midway through last year it was announced the Resident Evil movie franchise would be getting a reboot. The six film franchise has brought in over a billion dollars at the box office and appears it’s the next in a long list of movie ideas we’ve already seen. While Resident Evil was wildly popular it never captured the likeness to the game. Originally released on the Playstation 1 console, it was a survival/horror game which the movie takes its own liberties to make it more action packed instead of horror feeling more like a Blade film than a zombie survival flick.

If they’re truly going to rebut the franchise they could use a good dusting off of the source material. The studio could put out another action based film instead of horror based the next installment but that might lead to it failing miserably; feeling like a soft reset on a movie that was done to death. The next installment needs to start with more of an origin feel before diving deep into what we already know. Imagine an origin:

Umbrella: How cool would it be to travel back to where it all began? If you want a true origin story then take us on an inside look at the Umbrella Corporation. Set it in a research facility where scientists are trying to find a cure for wide-spread disease. Make sure a government agency gets involved in trying to make stronger more battle ready soldiers for the front line based on genetic markups. Throw in a demented mind who causes the whole thing to go south and watch the violence unfold. Then if you want to lock down a franchise, have the antagonist have an attractive daughter who’s the one who discovers her fathers wrong doings and becomes hell-bent on stopping the outbreak through multiple movies. Each twist and turn shows her resolve but his descent into madness leading us down a dark and twisted tale.



Racoon City: Can you imagine a reboot that takes us back to the original mansion? Nothing would be more powerful to kick off a franchise than a thriller/mystery piece about the disappearances surrounding the S.T.A.R.S team members on the outskirts of Raccoon City echoing the story from the original game. Take a movie like Saw when it first came out the twist at the end of the first movie was one of the strongest moments in the franchise. With characters who wake up in the abandoned mansion and weave their way through trying to figure out how they got their, who’s behind it, and how they’ll escape. Since the video game had four separate endings as each character unravel each twist and turn in their story taking them down their own paths leading to their death or escape until the eventual reveal at the end could make for a great horror film.

Action and shoot ‘em up makes the movies more violent and filled with potential gore but distracts from the story based out of fear. If fans want to see a story dragged out with no substance where they can stick around for the violence then just tune into The Walking Dead on AMC. If the next iteration of the Resident Evil franchise wants to succeed then we need a great plot with moments of true horror. Otherwise, why bother?

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