Has EA made their last Star Wars game?

Rumor around the water cooler is that EA might be losing one of their more coveted properties.  According to cinelinx.com, with Star Wars Battlefront losing a lot of steam with gamers and the sequel not taking off the way it should have, it seems Lucasfilm will be looking to move on from EA as the game’s developer. The lack of single player mode in the first and the pay-to-win of the second really struck a nerve of gamers.


EA as of late has fallen victim of their own success. At one point they were a premier company making games that everyone loved. Now, it seems they’re mass producing online multiplayer games that are carbon copies of the last with minimal tweaking. The push for online games should give franchises like Star Wars the boost they’ve been looking for but EA has failed to capitalize on the movie’s success. Even with their tent pole franchise Madden being picked up in an eSports capacity and airing on ESPN they just can’t seem to get Star Wars right. Even games like Call of Duty and Destiny which are primarily multiplayer shooters have a compelling campaign mode to kick the game off.

One of the major rumored studios connected to talks is Ubisoft. The developer has a long history of manufacturing franchise games such as Assassins Creed, Far Cry, and Splinter Cell. Even their latest in the South Park world titled Fractured but Whole was a tremendous joy to play. None of those flagship games have an overwhelming amount of online content but the stories they’ve created help drive gameplay and fan response. I doubt it would be hard for them to shift gears and create an online experience.

Activision is also rumored to have been in discussion but could be good or bad. With the Call of Duty franchise every expanding, Star Wars would surely get a bump in gamers due to faithfulness to the developer. However, as of late Call of Duty has hit the same wall EA has with churning out cookie cutter experiences that lack substance or change to the franchise. Visual effects and map packs help people flock to the game, but longevity of the game quickly fades.

The damage may have been done by EA and is irreversible. Faith in the company after two failed attempts won’t be enough to bring gamers back to the next iteration. Is it time for Disney to move on with their licensed products and find an up-and-coming developer to run with? Should they hitch their wagon to an already established developer who’s stars far outshine their mistakes? One thing is for certain, if they don’t move quickly, they’ll miss the wave of success created by the movies.[RickTwitter]

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