Atypical: How Can Sam And Julia Have The Same Relationship After The Strawberry Incident?

Will the relationship of Sam and Julia ever get back to what it was? That’s highly unlikely, as we saw in the Atypical finale the two might not be on the best terms. Of course, that’s on Sam as he sort of messed up Julia’s life. Can the damage be fixed, or is it just too late?

Sam had a thing for his psychiatrist, Julia. He thought the two of them would be happy together. He always said that he’d find himself a practice girlfriend (Paige), and then when the time was right, go after Julia. That didn’t go as planned for him.

We know about Sam breaking into her house. And the aftermath of that sent Julia into a free fall. When Sam admitted to doing it, admitting he indeed left the chocolate covered strawberries at the house, Julia couldn’t hold back. She was more than upset with Sam, and really let him have it.


With Sam’s condition, Julia’s anger filled tirade really got to him. And Sam, who felt like he lost the girl of his dreams, couldn’t control himself. In the end, Sam does end up moving on from the situation, but it’s still not resolved, especially on Julia’s end.

We saw that she wrote an apology to Sam. This is going to be a long process with her. We know that Sam might not want to ever talk to Julia again. She’s going to need to do a lot to not only convince Sam she’s sorry, but Doug and Elsa as well. Things like this could cost Julia her job. And while that’s probably not going to happen, Sam has a lot of thinking to do if he’s going to see Julia again.

Sam is delicate. He’s very sensitive to things like this. Julia, who was very angry, shouldn’t have acted out the way she did. Even though she was rightfully upset, she should have understood Sam’s issues and found a different way to vent. Although Sam is partially to blame for this incident, he just didn’t know any better at the time.

In the end, Sam and Julia might never talk again. The letter she wrote to him might be the way to bridge the gap between the two. Although, don’t expect him to be as open with her as he usually is. Thus, this was a worst case scenario for their relationship as patient/doctor. So, hopefully, Atypical Season 2 lets us see the two make amends.


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