Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins

Washington Redskins Rumors: Kirk Cousins could file Grievance if Tagged

The Kirk Cousins and Washington Redskins saga takes another turn. Albert Breer, reports “By the way, if the Redskins attempt to franchise Cousins, my understanding is that his camp will quickly file a grievance to block tag, based on Washington violating the spirit of the rules, which dictate that players are tagged as a mechanism for teams to buy time in getting a long-term deal done”.

This comes on the heels of the Redskins trading CB Kyle Fuller and a 2018 third round pick to the Kansas City Chiefs for QB Alex Smith. A trade that all but signals the end of Cousins in Washington. Now, this news comes out.

Days after the trade was announced, there were reports that the Washington Redskins were still considering placing the franchise tag on their soon to be free agent QB. A move that could cripple the team in many ways.

  1. Tagging Kirk Cousins means that the Washington Redskins would be on the hook for any money. Money that ranges from $28-$34.5 million. Once a team allocates a tag, that guarantees the money. Therefore the Redskins lose that money when attempting to sign other players.
  2. NO transaction can be complete until Cousins signs the tag tender. Meaning that the Redskins and another team agree to a trade, Cousins could hold up the deal. This is simply done by not placing his John Hancock on the dotted line.
  3. Cousins could also tell any team that agrees to a trade that he is not willing to sign a long-term extension. Thus, throwing any monkey wrench into any trade agreement as well.
  4. If the Washington Redskins chose to tag Cousins and all options fall through and hence they remove the tag, the team would not receive any compensation that would have received had he signed as a normal free agent.

The solution is simple for the Washington Redskins. LET KIRK COUSINS WALK! The momma bird was not willing to feed its baby, now let it leave the nest. Grow in other areas and rally behind Alex Smith. Also, a grievance does not look good for other targeted players.

Nonetheless, knowing the Washington Redskins front office, they will find a way to screw this up. The biggest way is by tagging Cousins and not allowing room for two large salaries. Remember, they signed Smith to a 5-yr extension. There is no room for both.

Kirk Cousins should become yesterday’s news. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday, however, the Redskins are trying to Hold On for one more day.

How do you feel the Kirk Cousins/Washington Redskins saga will play out? Leave a comment below.

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