Ring of Honor: Please Put The 6-Man Belts On The Kingdom

The Kingdom is the most established trio in all of Ring Of Honor. The original 6-man tag champs, they’ve yet to get their opportunity at the belts since TK O’Ryan came back from injury. That’s a damn shame. They are one of the best trios in all of professional wrestling.

Perhaps the Matt Taven and Cody Rhodes program is setting up for a Kingdom feud with the Hung Bucks for the 6-man titles. That would be the ideal scenario. The team of Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia, are the perfect champs for this division. They’ve got a mean and nasty streak to them. The ideal heels to lead ROH.

The group has gone through a lot of members during its time. Yet, this current group might be its strongest ever. Although, you’d think at some point Ring of Honor would give them back the belts they rightfully deserve. This hasn’t been the case. And the Kingdom is now running with the Conspiracy storyline to get them the titles.


Of the three, Taven is the one who should be going after the World Title. Thus, his program with Cody is the perfect test for that. He’s done exceptionally well at playing the heel to Cody’s face. There will come a time when Taven gets into the title hunt himself. Right now, it’s all about the 6-man belts.

The Hung Bucks (Young Bucks and Adam Paige) have been the 6-man champs for far too long. While ROH doesn’t put the 6-man champs in action for the belts all the time, they need to defend them more often against ROH talent. In fact, the only issue is that there are few 6-man team’s out there. That’s why the Kingdom should be getting their shot rather soon.

One of the only pure trios in Ring of Honor, they are the logical choice for the next title shot. And they need to win the belts too. ROH hasn’t necessarily dropped the ball with them, but rather not given the Kingdom the best chance to shine. Hence, these 6-man belts are the way to do that. So, it’s about time they are given the shot they deserve.


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