Golf: Why many feel the PGA Tour is more appealing than the LPGA Tour

I know that golf is boring to many people who are not fans or do not play the sport. I mean some people ask me why, do you spend 4 hours of your life chasing a white ball around. The game was introduced to me at the age of 5 by my late uncle. He tricked me into playing saying I have this cool game you should try. Well, it isn’t a cool game it frustrating at times but most of the time fun? Now you’re asking what does that have to do with the title. I believe that many people watch the PGA Tour more than LPGA Tour. I happened to watch both and love watching both tours. Thus, I am going to dive into why I believe the American golf fan will watch one and not the other.

Like I said earlier most people don’t play golf so why watch it, right? I mean it’s boring to watch a white ball be hit towards a flag that is hundreds of yards away. If you’re a fan you know that feeling of what a golfer goes through during a round. Amateur players like me have more downs than ups. Unlike the pros where they seemed to make it look easy. The game is a mental challenge. It plays with your mind. With the pros, they have a caddie. The amateur players don’t, so you’re on your own. So what makes the PGA more appealing the LPGA?

Most people who play golf are men. There are not many women that play. So in many cases, most golf fans will say “why watch women play golf because I can’t compare myself to them”. I also believe that many men think they are superior to women. Hence, thinking that the women belong in the beverage cart, not on the course. This writer is not one of them.

Over the years I have watched both in person and on TV both the PGA and LPGA and think that both tours are great. I also have many female friends that play golf and can knock the cover off the ball. Thus having the ability to beat many of my guy friends. The main reason I believe why the PGA is more popular among golf fans is that we live in the USA and many of the top PGA players are from the USA while on the LPGA they are not.


My late uncle, like I mentioned, got me into the game at 5. When we would sit down and watch golf he would always in most cases want an American to win. I believe that is so true among all or most of golf fans. So when they flip on golf whether you’re the hardcore fan that watches from Thursday to Sunday or just a final round fan you want to see the home country win. The PGA has mostly Americans on top the rankings and it is easier to watch and cheer. The LPGA there has some Americans sprinkled throughout the rankings. However, not as many as the PGA. This makes it less appealing to watch LPGA golf.

There are also not enough female golf fans that watch the LPGA. The guys that watch the LPGA watch it for one reason; how well do the women look in skirts? That’s the way of life today. Sex sells and the golf attire that some of the LPGA tour players wear attracts the male watcher. I worked on a golf course for 11 years and saw just how that was presented. When an attractive woman came to play golf all the male golfers flooded to the first tee to see her tee off. If she hit a bad shot they would say at least she looks good hitting her tee shot. I got the luxury of playing with an LPGA Tour star in high school. She was so good she played with the guys and beat us most of the time.

In the end, until more American LPGA Tour stars can work their way to the top, the PGA will always be more appealing to watch. That change is starting to occur on the LPGA. Some of the top Americans are making the rise and hopefully, soon things will change and they will get more viewers. They also added more tour stops. So that way they can play more and be seen more.

Unfortunately, with today’s society, you are still going to have the men who think women are less superior than they. Also the fact that sex sells and they would rather see them on the beverage cart in a bikini then on the course playing with them. Men also have an ego where they don’t want to beat by a woman especially at sports. I have had it happen to me and I don’t have a problem with it. I will continue to watch both tours and no matter what country the players dawn from I hope them all well.

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