Apparently the Karate Kid is back in Cobra Kai

If you were waiting for a Karate Kid sequel to the original trilogies all these years, then your wish is granted. The original films officially are coming back. Not the one with Hilary Swank or Jaden Smith, the ones with Ralph Macchio as Daniel and William Zabka as Johnny. How long has this been in the works? The two appeared together as themselves on an episode of How I Met Your Mother in 2013 and took a few comic shots at the original 1984 film. Now it looks as though YouTube Red is not only bringing it in as a sequel but a tv series as well titled Cobra Kai.

We’re scratching our head a bit with this one. First things first, is today’s audience really pounding on studio doors to demand a 30-year-old franchise be revived? Dont’ get me wrong, I loved Karate Kid as much as the next guy, but if anything I’d start a fresh take on the franchise. Not even a reboot but a new story all together. Martial Arts films haven’t had the spotlight like they used to back when fans were still living off the Bruce Lee days. It’s even been a while since we’ve seen a good Jackie Chan film. The genre just isn’t pulling in big numbers like it once did, maybe that’s why it went straight to a streaming television series instead of a feature film.


Secondly, how do they make the previous story relevant 30 years later. Sure, you can bring back Macchio and Zabka to be sensei at their own dojo but how do you rekindle that rivalry and it not feel forced? Then top it all off with a continuing story spanning a ten episode story arc. Five to ten hours of compelling story from a 30-year-old franchise sure will be an uphill battle in the Karate Kid franchise can Cobra Kai pull it off? The series as no official air date but is listed as 2018. The karate kid in all of us can’t wait to see this, but the adult in us is rolling our eyes. Only time will tell just how good Cobra Kai will be.

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