Sons of Anarchy is making a comeback

Charming is about to get a lot bigger. With Kurt Sutter appearing on Tom Arnold’s podcast 100% Honest, he confirmed plans for both a sequel and a prequel to the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy. Not to mention the announcement that FX has already picked up Mayans, MC a spinoff of the original program set to take place outside the SOA timeline. Everything that happened on the original show will have taken place but won’t focus on any of the original characters.


FX appears to be taking a page out of the CW’s book with their expanded universes with their DC properties. Can they share the same success and build a unified world to continue the story of televisions favorite bikers? Opening up both a prequel and a sequel

I know what you’re thinking. “The show won’t be the same without Jax!”, but have hope. There’s still ways the sequel can breathe life into Charlie Hunnam’s character even with cameos. Sure the character will be long gone if they stick to the current rumor revolving around Jax’s sons. All they would have to do is take a page from the NBC drama This Is Us to work the character in. Flashing back to a spot in the past could bring Jax in to help shape the character of the boys, showing just how closely their personalities resembles their fathers. There are plenty of tropes for the show’s writers to use should they want to bring Hunnam in from time to time. If one of the sons is involved in a car crash or bar fight, and is knocked unconscious there’s always a chance for a father figure’s guidance. So have hope, the show isn’t completely void of opportunity for Jax to appear.

Then of course there’s the prequel. With any sort of mob movie or gang affiliation movie there’s always a sense of family. Audiences eat up the connection between characters and what they’re willing to do for the ones they love. Sons of Anarchy is no different and a prequel to where it all begins will be eaten up by fans. With the writers getting to show the formation of the motorcycle’s club it will give viewers the chance to see what led these characters down the long road they ended up on. Every good story has a beginning, middle, and end. We’ve been treated to a middle and end, now we’ll hopefully get to see where the first domino fell. Shows like Smallville and Gotham have had great runs as prequels to beloved stories, can the Sons of Anarchy creators match their success?

The news is a bit of a surprise. With Disney’s purchase of Fox and all their properties, it’ll be interesting to see just how many shows the channel brings in prior to the sale being official and which ones will stick around. Disney knows a cash cow when they see it so it’ll be unlikely they give either of these three shows the axe. Their fate will depend solely on reviving interest in these characters and the ratings they produce.[RickTwitter]

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