Disjointed: The Strange Relationship Of Tae Kwon Doug And Pete Is Good For Both

Pete and Tae Kwon Doug are a cuter couple than Jenny and Carter. Of course, the two confused individuals aren’t really in any romantic angle, the Disjointed characters seek each other for support. What makes them such a good fit together?

Tae Kwon Doug sees Pete as a son. He takes him under his wing and guides the pot grower into a more confident individual. Doug has helped Pete fight his inner demons of insecurity throughout the first two seasons of Disjointed. In the process, Tae Kwon Doug has learned a lot about himself.

During the early half of Disjointed, Doug was a very stern individual who you might not have thought had a caring side. After he met Pete, that softer side showed itself. He saw someone who he could help mature and mold into his image. He started caring for Pete. The two formed a bond.


Doug, who despises the pot industry and its clients, is surprised he is forming such a connection with Pete. Unfortunately, he’s still at the mercy of the marijuana use. Doug believes Pete has flaws because of it. He’s trying to convince him to see it his way.

Pete might be oblivious to Doug’s obsession over him. As the two grow closer, he’s just glad to have a friend that understands him. That’s what Doug has been good for. Sure, he might think of himself as a parental figure to Pete, but what’s wrong with that?

The two have had some clashes before, especially on the camping trip. Although Doug thought he’d bond and teach Pete. Thus, as we know, it was all about getting the precious marijuana plants back. So, that is really the only time Doug felt betrayed by him. Otherwise, he’s stuck through and guided his protegé.

As for the future of Pete and Doug on Disjointed, one can only hope the two continue to share the connection they’ve had. It’s been a positive for both their lives. Who knows if Pete will ever be the person Doug wants him to be. For now, they are just fine.


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