Venom: Can Tom Hardy bring star power to the role?

Finally the Spider-Man universe is growing past Peter Parker and his adventures. Sure there have been plenty of cameos are villain roles in the Spider films but there’s never been much more outside of them. With popularity of superhero films at an all time high, it looks as if we’re finally going to get our wish and see some more of Parker’s friends and foes.

First appearing in The Amazing Spider-man #252 in 1984 Venom would be rewritten as a new character in issue #300 in 1988. The alien symbiote became relevant as part of an alternate costume for Spider-man until Peter Parker learned the true dark nature of the symbiote. Seeking a new host, Venom’s first victim would be Eddie Brock. From the comics not only was Brock the first full run at Venom, he’d go on to be arguably a fan favorite.


While there have been a few negative reviews of the trailer floating around the internet, has there ever been a role Tom Hardy hasn’t nailed? When it comes to Eddie Brock he seems to be the perfect fit. Of course this isn’t Tom Hardy’s first appearance in a superhero film as Batman fans will remember him as Bane in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy has done everything from roles like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant, to chic flick comedies such as This Means War. There’s no doubt he’d make a perfect Eddie Brock.

Since this will more than likely be an origin story for Venom, could we actually see Tom Holland in a brief cameo in a flashback or to kick off the film? With Sony looking to build their Spidey-verse as a world of it’s own, there’s a good chance having a character who’s already established appear isn’t out of the question. Remember, Tony Stark/Iron Man lead his leading-role star power to Spider-man: Homecoming to help boost interest in the project. Now, the studio might decide to do the same with Peter Parker.

Another potential home run for the studio would be to incorporate the entire alien symbiote at some point before the end of the film. From the original Venom, there have been 16 other versions on the pages of comics. Nothing says an expanded universe like a small book of characters to be your foundation. Venom will be the first solo project outside of the MCU so they’ll not only need a strong showing but need to incorporate some of their bigger properties to get them off the ground.

If Venom is going to be your hero or anti-hero then they’ll need to have an equally strong villain. Nothing says villain more than the name Carnage when it comes to the Spidey-verse. Bonded to a serial killer in Cletus Kasady, Carnage is a more sadistic version of title character and would be a tremendous compliment to Venom. Either Sony uses the character early on, or they save it for a later date should the studio pivot on their plans for the characters. If Sony really put their thinking caps on, they could save Carnage and Venom for a darker sequel, much like Fox attempted to do with their New Mutants film. No matter what route they go, the studio needs to nail this character if they ever want to get their own separate franchises up and running. Venom is scheduled to hit theaters October 5th, 2018.[RickTwitter]

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