This Is Us: How does it compare to LOST?

This is Us is quickly becoming one of America’s fastest growing fan base for network television. With season 1 being a hit for NBC the show was quickly brought back for season 2. Nothing can stop the pace at which the latest family drama has taken over Tuesday nights and the show even earned a spot after the Super Bowl the biggest night in the NFL. I’m sure every show on television now would like the post game slot for one of the biggest nights on television but with how late the game stays on chances are most people watch it while falling asleep. Still the views are there and networks jump at that chance. If the show is big enough like This Is Us fans might stay up to watch.


Luckily for anyone watching not only was in the biggest night in football, it was the biggest night for the show as well. Finally, fans got to see the heartbreaking moment when the Pearson family lost their patriarch. Fans everywhere knew they’d lose Jack eventually and even had theories about how he’d go. Some were spot on and some needed a little help to grow. No matter the predictability of the show or how close your theories were, it’s not the outcome that fans are enjoying but rather the writing on how they got there that is the strength of the show. If you watch carefully enough it may remind you of another hit show from your past, LOST.

Yes, LOST.

No we’re not talking smoke monsters, a mythical island, or time travel. With flashbacks and eventually flash fowards LOST unravelled in the most unusual ways for viewers. By showing each episode centered on how the character became who they are now to who they’ll be in the future, the ABC hit kept fans guessing on how each character’s story unfolded. This Is Us has since built that same device in story telling to keep viewers attached to their tissue boxes. Seeing these characters’ story unfold in multiple timelines allows the audience to connect and grow with the family as if it were part of their own. Curiosity of who the Pearsons will become now that they’ve lost half their solid foundation will breathe new life into a show the network will more than likely slow play. Once Jack died the writers needed to find a way to connect these characters to a meaningful story outside of their current struggles. Without the change of pace, how much interest would fans have on the past when they knew the story? Hats off to the writers for adding a new fold into an already powerful story. Airing Tuesday nights at 8pm EST, This Is Us should continue to grow in season 2 after a slow start.[RickTwitter]

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