Philadelphia Phillies: Jake Arrieta is worth the risk during rebuild

With Jake Arrieta still on the open market, it’s hard to tell which team will take a step forward and sign the free agent starter. Out of all the teams looking for starters, the Philadelphia Phillies would be making a smart move in bringing in Arrieta.

Philly is in need of an elite pitcher to help solidify their rotation filled with young arms.

Even though the Phils would fork over a hefty sum to sign the former Cy Young award winner, he would presumably be around when they become a championship caliber club. Like this offseason, there won’t be many elite starters on the open market next offseason either. So, by agreeing to a deal with Arrieta the Phils would avoid heartbreak. Especially, if they were to miss out on a starter next year.


Jake Arrieta will bring playoff experience to the team. One that’s still learning how to win ball games on a consistent basis. He’ll also be in a division that is one of the worst in baseball. So he should be able to work some magic vs NL East opponents.

The 31-year-old gives the Phillies a top of the line starter who can be with them as they become contenders. However, if Arrieta struggles than Philly could wait for him to improve before thinking about dealing him away. This is, of course, a worst-case scenario. After all, there have been plenty of contracts that have handcuffed teams over the years.

Philly is trying to make smart choices left and right, which is commendable. However, if the Phils bring in the ex-Cub then they would be adding a guy who has potentially 3-4 good years left, if not more.

This offseason move accelerates the Philadelphia Phillies rebuilding process.  It also gives the team a new edge heading into the 2018 season.

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