Nightwing: How to cast as the perfect role

One of the most desired roles in movies now has to be Nightwing. It seems every young actor with a love for superhero films has been tweeting out about links to the role. Whether they just auditioned for it or are campaigning for the studios to see, it seems every day a new tweet goes up linking someone new.


So why the popularity?

Simple. Nightwing allows an actor to play a role in the Batman franchise without having the overwhelming pressure of the demands to play Bruce Wayne. As the first Robin, Dick Grayson is one of the most popular iterations of the character to this day. So much so, DC gave him his own spinoff, first as an alternate to Superman and later picked up by Dick Grayson when he gives up the Robin mantle.

The problem with the casting of Nightwing is while it doesn’t carry the burden of Bruce Wayne. Although, popularity of the character alone might carry a burden of its own as it will be the first portrayal on the big screen. If the DCEU wants to get the character right then they need to find a casting choice similar to Ezra Miller as the Flash. Miller came in to most as a relatively unknown to die-hard DC fans and was arguably the best part of 2017’s Justice League film. While his acting history has a long list of roles, Justice League helped thrust him into a household name and will spawn his own standalone Flash movie Flashpoint.

If DC wants to right the ship when it comes to their cinematic universe then they need to find an actor with the same back story. If they can do their research and find someone who has roles they can research instead of just nailing the audition then they’ll be on the path to finding the perfect Nightwing. Finding a character who not only looks the part but brings the character to life with believability and passion is the most important step. Casting Hollywood’s next big flash in the pan actor like they’ve done through the years with Selina Kyle will sure doom any chance of Nightwing taking off. DC needs to do their homework and get this right or risk low box office success yet again.[RickTwitter]

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