Netflix: When We First Met Is The Perfect Netflix And Chill Movie

When We First Met is the most recent Netflix original film. Starring Alexandra Daddario (Percy Jackson, Baywatch) and Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates), the movie centers around Noah (Devine) who is given his chance to go back in time to get the girl of his dreams, Avery (Daddario). It’s a classic romantic comedy that offers some laughs and a very well thought out story.

Some might knock this movie for having a similar feel to Groundhog Day. The ability to go back in time and re-do something from your past. When We First Met does have that same feel to it, but it’s done in a much different way.

Noah tries to get the girl, but it never happens. Instead, he comes to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason. And sometimes the girl you think you want isn’t the one you’re supposed to be with. That’s the main scenario of this movie.

It’s not the most original of plots. The ending might be quite predictable to some. My girlfriend figured out the twist about 3 minutes into the movie. It doesn’t help that Devine isn’t a very good actor. Still, it’s worth taking a chance on a movie night at home.

It’s not all negative, there’s a lot going for it. The film was charming. It has a good message to it. And while not the funniest of romantic comedies, it does have moments of laugh out loud situations. You’re also introduced to Shelly Henning (MTV Teen Wolf). She was the breakout star of When We First Met

Chances are you’ll like When We First Met. For a Netflix film, I found the cast to be quite established. After watching this, you’ll question as to why it wasn’t in theaters. It’s not going to make the list of best 2018 movies, but has a chance at being one of those guilty pleasures. Netflix did a good job securing this film.

Again, if you’re looking for a date night film you’ll want to give this a shot. It’s not the best acted film, and doesn’t have the most intricate plot. That’s good enough for some though. You don’t have to think much during When We First Met. That’s the benefit of this film. It’s a Netflix and Chill kind of movie.[DanielTwitter]

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