Justice League Dark: Is it time JLD gets their own show?

With DC struggling to catch it’s footing in the DCEU, their television properties have had a few less strict guidelines. Superman was once thought of as untouchable has now appeared on Supergirl. Arrow has dropped the Batman or Bruce Wayne references on a regular basis now. Flash has teased way too many times the existence of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern. Now the DC television world is about to get a lot bigger with a live-action Teen Titans airing on their new streaming service called simply Titans. Superman is getting another a prequel to their prequel with Krypton, exploring the home planet of the Man of Tomorrow before it’s demise. Even Watchmen is getting a made for tv series on HBO soon.


With the ever-changing landscape in the DC entertainment world, the opportunity for growth is presenting itself far too often to ignore. With their movie development plans seemingly on hold, the one area they’ve hit home runs is on television. Flash and Arrow are their tent pole shows while Legends of Tomorrow and a Young Justice revival have their own following as well. With all the talk of expanding and growth is it time to look towards some of their lesser known properties?

The first place DC needs to look towards their next show is Justice League Dark. The Justice League consists of everyone’s favorite do-gooders like Superman and Wonder Woman being beacons of light and hope. However, Justice League Dark are heroes in their own right, but deal typically with the as the title suggests darker powers. Masters of the mystic arts, the team has consisted of characters like John Constantine, Zatanna, Madam Xanadu, Deadman and even Swamp Thing and many more.

DC fans might remember Constantine as the short-lived series on NBC that lasted just half a season. However, they just can’t let the character fade into obscurity. Since being cancelled in its first season, Constantine has appeared on Arrow and now Legends of Tomorrow. Matt Ryan’s iteration of the character has been so spot on that it would be a shame if it went to waste. Maybe this is DC trying to hold on to the character long enough to get a revival or long enough to make it part of their start-up streaming service.

While a different in many ways, Swamp Thing has appeared on the pages of comic books, television, and movies. The character has never really stuck with fans but could use the boost from a team up type show. Bringing in a makeup artist to bring the character to life would ease the cost of CGI on the show that would be needed elsewhere. If The Walking Dead can bring zombies to life, then we can get a decent version of this creature of the swamp.

Justice League Dark as a television show needs to happen. DC’s television slate is getting stale  with their cookie-cutter, same-as-the-last, wash-rinse-repeat style. With a JLD show it would allow them to journey into a different type of superhero show. After the fan support through petitions to try to get Constantine back on the air, maybe expanded characters like those Justice League Dark would lend enough intrigue to keep the character alive. Rather than waste a character by squeezing him in shows he feels out-of-place, a fresh take on his adventures might be in order. Justice League Dark was rumored to have a movie on the way and the animated film didn’t quite strike gold. Maybe DC will loosen the reigns a bit more and allow these characters their own show.[RickTwitter]

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