DC’s New Age Heroes: Damage

DC is kicking of their new age of heroes with a whole new line of characters being released throughout the year. While drawing up some new fresh faces in the comic book world is a tall order at hand, after their Rebirth runs DC has a little more wiggle room with new takes on characters. The hardest part of creating a new character in comics would have to be making the story seem original. Early on it’ll be challenging as every new character will be constantly compared to an older counterpart until the character develops their own history and personality and Damage is no different.


Right off the bat, upon reading #1 Damage reminds me of a cross between Captain America and the Hulk. He’s a military experiment gone wrong and was given superhuman strength and a genetic mutation much like that of Bruce Banner. One of the things that separates Ethan Avery from Bruce Banner however is, as Damage Avery’s power only lasts for an hour and can only manifest once per day. All it takes for the Hulk to go into world destroying mode is anger with no limitations.

One of the key factors in establishing Damage as a long running series has to be how they incorporate his limitations into the story. Will he have decide when and where to transform. Will his missions and heroics have to beat the clock when facing foes? How will that story be compelling and told in a way where it doesn’t completely change the characters traits, personality, and origin?

Written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Danny Miki and Tony S. Daniel, the first issue of Damage was compelling enough to warrant picking up a second issue. The artwork was fitting to the character and portrayed the character well. There’s no telling if Damage will be a long running series or not from one issue alone. However if you’re looking for something new out of DC while you wait for your next issue to release, Damage might keep your attention. Issue #2 is set to release February 21, 2018.[RickTwitter]

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