The Ranch: Did Abby Make The Right Decision Choosing Colt?

Did Abby make the right choice with Colt? One of the biggest storylines of The Ranch has been Abby and Colt. She left a lot on the table to be with him. With problems arising for them in Part 4, the question of whether she should have stayed away from him have become prevalent. What should Abby have done?

Colt does really love Abby. Yes, he almost had a baby with another woman. That happened before him and Abby got back together. Other than that, he’s been the model of perfection to her. Although, with Abby taking a teaching job in Denver, Colt’s going to have to bite his tongue.

Abby had a good life with Kenny before Colt came into the picture. He offered her a stable life, one that she’d feel secure in. Colt couldn’t offer that. And to top it off, her parents despise Colt. Those old high school feelings came back and the flame was re-ignited.


We can’t say whether her decision to be with Colt was the right one for quite some time. At least Colt tried to make things work when she lost her job. And it seems like he’d be willing to do anything to support her and their life together. But she could have been better off with Kenny.

More than likely Abby would have lost her job if she had maintained a life with Kenny. You can’t fault Colt for that happening. During her time without work, she’d be much more taken care of in terms of stability. It’s possible she wouldn’t even need to work with Kenny supporting her. But being with Colt, she doesn’t have that luxury.

As she takes a job in Denver, Colt isn’t willing to leave the Ranch behind him. Abby is left without her fiance as she strives towards a new career. This can’t be easy on her. And while she will say that being with Colt was indeed the right decision, you’ve got to wonder if she ever thinks about being with Kenny?

Colt and Abby are going to make it. But as we stand now, there’s definitely doubt between the two. She had her shot at a more stable life. Thus, Abby will need to grasp that Colt is who she chose. Whether or not she second guesses her decision doesn’t matter. It’s her and Colt against the world on the Ranch.


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