Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ticket Prices Going Up

Your Tampa Bay Buccaneers are raising season ticket prices. The tickets are rising on an average of $500 per seat. How can they justify this after a 5-11 season a year ago? The Bucs have not won a playoff game since the Super Bowl year. This will be the third year in a row the Bucs have raised ticket prices. GM Jason Licht made a small video and told season ticket holders to give the organization one more chance. Will the fans give them another chance?


The team struggled this past year going 5-11 after this same management staff promised a better year. If they just raised prices again what product should you hope for next year? I believe that if they continue to raise prices the product on the field should be better period. The promise that management has made is that they know what is wrong and are making preparations to show the season ticket holders how they are going to make it better. The NFL along with the Bucs are making difficult for fans to afford to come to the games. The NFL is losing fans that love the NFL games live and be among their brothers and sisters to cheer on their Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If you believe in the team then take the plunge and renew your tickets. They have some work to do they need to shore up some holes that the franchise has. If they continue on the path that they are now it doesn’t look good and the new improvements done to Raymond James Stadium will just go to waste. If the Bucs have another losing season and try to do this next year many fans will stay by and start staying home and watching it on TV or other devices that stream the games live.

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