NFL Rumors: Five Potential Quarterback Releases

The quarterback is usually the highest paid athlete on an NFL team. Unless that player is a rookie. Many teams cannot suffice in the NFL without a competent person under center. That is why teams hold this position in such high regard. However, there comes a time in which a team must get younger or cheaper at the said position. When that time comes, as the old saying goes “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. Having already looked at the RBs and WRs, below we look at five quarterbacks who could be facing their time with their current team.

  1. Mike Glennon – Chicago Bears

Glennon signed a lucrative deal in the 2017 offseason. Then the Bears pulled the ultimate wool over the eyes and drafted Mitchell Trubisky. Thus, given the way Trubisky played over the second half of the season, the Bears can now rid themselves of the expensive backup quarterback. Backups demand much cheaper salaries. A release of Mike Glennon would save the Bears $12.5 million post-June 1.

  1. Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills

This is a tricky one. The Bills really have nothing behind their starting quarterback. However, they may want to try to take a run at another starter. Maybe Case Keenum or even Kirk Cousins. Indeed if they want to make that play, they will need the money that is inside Taylor’s contract. The savings that come from releasing Taylor would be around $15 million with a post-June 1 designation.

  1. Christian Hackenberg – New York Jets

The Jets have invested in several quarterbacks over the past couple of seasons. However, Hackenberg may have been the worst of those selections. While his cap savings is not a grand amount, the lack of competency is. Hence, the Jets need a QB and currently, do not have one on the roster capable of being an NFL starter. The lesser of two evils to keep would be Bryce Petty. Savings from releasing Christian Hackenberg equals a little under $1 million

  1. Andy Dalton – Cincinnati Bengals

It may just be time to move on from the Red Rifle in Bengals land. While he has been more than successful in his time there, they have youth waiting in the wings. In fact, AJ McCarron showed us in 2016 that he could be an NFL starting QB. He comes at a much cheaper price tag than Dalton. Even if they were to extend McCarron, it would still be less than the current starter. Releasing Andy Dalton would save the Bengals nearly $14 million post-June 1.

  1. Ryan Tannehill – Miami Dolphins

Of all the quarterbacks listed, this one seems to be the most unrealistic. Nonetheless, the name has been floated as a possibility so we put him on the list. If this happens it is two-fold. 1. The Dolphins are ready to move from the oft-injured QB. 2. The Dolphins used their first-round selection on the position. Again, I think he stays for now, but you never know in today’s NFL. Tannehill would bring a savings of $17.5 million.

If released, a couple of these should not be out of work long. Most of them still have value to a team that would like to sign them.

Do you have a quarterback to add to this list? Would you take one off this list? Leave a comment below.

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