Arrow: Wild Dog Needs To Cut The Tough Guy Act And Apologize To Oliver

What has happened to Arrow? Last season, the show took one of the best storylines in its history and set the future up for a bright run. Well, it’s safe to say that Arrow has fallen flat on its face this season. The idea to bring not only one big villain but a team of them together was brilliant. However, it’s what has transpired between Team Arrow that has me a bit on edge. A member of the team was set to testify that Oliver was the Green Arrow and when it was revealed that it was Wild Dog, the show took an unexpected turn for the worse.

After the big fallout, the team decided to go their separate ways. It was Wild Dog who had the biggest issue with Oliver. But why? What did Oliver do that was so disrespectful that Renee still holds a grudge against him? With Oliver, Felicity, and John not knowing who the mole was, they took it upon themselves to place a tracker on Renee, Curtis, and Dinah.

After the truth came out, Renee, Dinah, and Curtis started Team Arrow 2.0 but done so with the belief that it was Oliver, Felicity, and John who were the real backstabbers. This is where the new season has lost me.

It seems every time the two teams get together, it’s Renee who has a serious attitude towards Oliver. I get it, they placed trackers on them but if I’m not mistaken, it was Renee who was set to send Oliver to jail in the beginning. If anyone should be mad, it should be Oliver at Renee, not the other way around.

It was Oliver who pulled Renee up from the slums, got him a job on Team Arrow and one with the Mayor’s Office. It was also Oliver who helped him get another interview with Social Services to gain custody of his daughter. And yet, this is how Renee shows his gratitude?

What Is The Real Issue Between Renee And Oliver?

Whenever the teams are in the same place it’s always the same issues with Renee. “Why are we here”? ” You guys can’t be trusted”. This is how the writers have confused me and some of their audience. It’s like we all saw the mole episode happen but yet, it’s as if the writers forgot that it happened.

What we’re seeing from Renee is someone who’s immature and maybe a bit jealous. But for what? Oliver changed his life in so many ways but he was ready to do the unthinkable to a teammate and friend. Once ousted, he’s the one who caught the attitude. Every episode I watch has me thinking this could very well be my last.

I was never a big fan of them adding the new team members but I just figured, there was no way the writers could mess up a storyline with so much potential. How long do we have to put up with Renee’s childish ways before enough becomes enough and Arrow is erased from our memories?


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