WWE Rumors: Does Vince McMahon’s Doubts Of Undisputed Era Mean Sanity Is Better Off?

Undisputed Era and Sanity are the two great stables on NXT. They’ve both captured the fans attention and have managed to impress many of the WWE executives. So, who’s getting the bigger push on the main roster?

With Adam Cole at the forefront of Undisputed Era, they will probably be the main beneficiaries of the move to the main roster. Vince McMahon is said to be very high on Cole. As a result, O’Reily and Fish should be pushed high on the tag team side of things. The trio is all main event level performers.

On the other hand, Sanity is the much better act. You’ve got a much easier time getting this group over with the casual audience. They aren’t as indie darling as Undisputed Era. Sanity is all about chaos and destruction. With Eric Young serving as the leader, Killian Dane, and Wolfe as the enforcers, and the added bonus of Nikki Cross, this could be one of the better stables in WWE.

Fans have already seen Sanity vs. Undisputed Era in NXT. Seeing these two teams feud with some of the other WWE stables such as Balor Club or New Day would be a huge ratings boost for the main roster. Both Undisputed Era and Sanity have massive heel potential, great for connecting with the WWE Universe.

Who knows if McMahon sees Undisputed Era as the future of the WWE. He’s very high on Cole, but can the same be said for O’Reily and Fish? It’s the same story with Sanity. Killian Dane (While not even the leader of Sanity) is the one McMahon will likely push. Does this mean Young, Wolfe, and Cross will play second fiddle?

Put a gun to my head and I’d say Sanity has the best chance to succeed as a faction. They’ve got the gimmick and the added bonus of Cross. Undisputed Era could very well fall apart with Cole becoming a bigger singles star, leaving Fish and O’Reily on the back burner.

Sanity has two strong main event caliber talents in Young and Dane. O’Reily and Fish could rule the tag division. But if McMahon isn’t high on them, it just won’t matter much. We know he’s got big plans for Cole on the Undisputed side, and Young and especially Dane when it comes to Sanity. Seeing as Sanity features more marketable WWE talent and a promising gimmick, they’ll be better off on the main roster.

McMahon without question sees the dollar signs with Cole. If Undisputed Era is to have any success as a group together, he’s going to need to believe in O’Reily and Fish. Dane, Young, Wolfe, and Cross have established one of the better factions in NXT history. Not even Vince McMahon can screw this up.

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