Canada’s Wonderland: Wonder Mountain’s Guardian Hits On A Lot Of Levels

Canada’s Wonderland is one of Cedar Fair’s prime parks. Wonder Mountain’s Guardian is one of the companies signature attractions. Located inside Wonder Mountain, this interactive dark ride isn’t to be missed for those visiting Canada’s Wonderland.

There’s a lot of people who will say Wonder Mountain’s Guardian is the best dark ride at any Cedar Fair park. I’ll have to disagree, both Calico Mine Ride and Voyage to the Iron Reef at Knotts Berry Farm are better. Still, Guardians is a fantastic attraction.

The unique blend of coaster and interactive dark ride is what sets this apart from others in the industry. You’re starting out on what you think is a coaster, but the ride suddenly takes you inside the mountain to start your interactive experience.

The ride is set up like Toy Story Midway Mania or Voyage to the Iron Reef. It uses 4D screens to display the action. Your goal is simple, outscore your opponents.

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian Is A Must For Coaster Fans

This was one of the more visually appealing dark rides I’ve done. The action on the screen was very well done and vibrant. It doesn’t have the themeing alongside the ride such as Justice League Battle For Metropolis or Midway Mania, but it still finds a way to immerse you into the story.

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian really sets itself apart from its fantastic ending. I can’t give too much away, but it’s truly unlike anything you’ve experienced on an interactive dark ride before. In my opinion, it does just enough to set itself apart from the rest of the dark rides in the world.

To some, this is a top-notch ride. While it might lack compared to some of the offerings at Knotts or Six Flags, it’s one of Cedar Fair’s crowning achievements. The Canada’s Wonderland faithful have a lot to be proud of with Wonder Mountain’s Guardian. Not only unique but innovative as well. It’s definitely worth the hype.

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