Riverdale: Is Archie headed down a dangerous path?

Riverdale was one of those shows that started off as just another teen angsty show on the CW but quickly climbed as one of their hit shows. From the happy-go-lucky family friendly comics to a dark murder mystery in a town full of secrets. Riverdale takes pages from the shows like Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl and spins them into the DC owned comic characters.


Mystery was the them of the first season and a half of the show between the murder of Jason Blossom and the serial killer The Black Hood we spent a lot of time chasing down the whodunit in Riverdale. Deep into season 2 we’re seeing just how much people can’t trust each other with the shady nature of their closest neighbors. Every character on the show seems to have deep dark secrets that come out at the most inopportune moments. Each episode unravels just how close but somehow still far apart these characters are.

Deep in the muck is Archie Andrews, the do-gooder, the glue that holds everyone together, the strength and core of group. Like most heroes, Archie tries to do his best for his friends, family, and anyone he gets close too. Unfortunately, he falls hard for Veronica Lodge who’s family has just as dark and mysterious of a past as it gets. Naive to her family’s ways he falls hard and fast  and ends up in uncharted territory.

Like any other family with a dark past, secrets never stay hidden. Any family trying to hide their secrets under a lavish lifestyle and shady business practices often draw attention from the law enforcement and the Lodge’s are no different. Due to his connection to Veronica, he quickly draws the attention of Agent Arthur Adams who’s investigating Hiram Lodge trying to track down any criminal activity he can dig up and send Hiram back to jail.

After various threats to Archie and Fred Andrews, in a shocking twist this past weeks episode we learn all is not what it seems. Agent Adams isn’t in law enforcement at all and is instead working with the Lodges to test Archie’s loyalty to the family? After passing with flying colors, as all heroes do, Archie may have landed himself in deep water.

Just how far is Archie willing to go for Veronica? What are the Lodge’s plans for him? Will he end up coming over to the dark side? Or will Hiram and Hermione Lodge’s shady business practices ultimately doom his relationship with Veronica? We’ve already seen the shared connection between he and Betty Cooper, will that all come back around to haunt him when the seeds of distrust are planted? One thing is for sure for Archie, things in Riverdale are about to get a lot worse, before they get better.


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