Politics: Mueller Investigation, Is Donald Trump hiding something?

For most of the Donald Trump presidency, he has been under investigation by special counselor Robert Mueller. One of the parts involved in this investigation was an interview between the two sides. However, it seems that won’t be happening now. According to several sources, Donald Trump’s   lawyers have advised Trump not to talk to Robert Mueller. They feel that he will be charged with lying, according to the New York Times. For starters, it is safe to say that Trump’s lawyers are as dumb as he is. I’m sorry, but if you are so hesitant from not talking it doesn’t make you look good.


They feel that Mueller and company don’t have enough leg to stand on. Personally, I don’t buy that excuse. There is obviously something there or why would Mueller still be investigating. What it comes down to is that they see the writing on the wall and realize that Trump screws himself if he talks. It seems that Trump is the only one who believes he would not screw himself. I find it funny that when someone brings up this whole Russian investigation and Trump becomes very defensive.

It is also worth noting that this isn’t the first time that Mueller has involved himself with something. Also if there really is no case here then let me ask this question. Why would the US spend time and effort to investigate someone if the result was nothing? In fact, I’ve been one of the people who has said that the writing is on the wall. I equate the way Trump is reacting to this investigation to that of a five-year-old kid. You know when a five-year-old kid knows they screwed up and keep bringing up other things with the hope that his or her parents will forget about it, that is Trump.

If Trump were a big boy, then he would face Mueller right in the face and talk. By refusing to talk, it is just making you look bad.



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