Kennywood: Ghostwood Estate Is A Perfect Blend Of Haunt And Family Fun

Kennywood is a classic American Amusement Park. A lot of the iconic attractions have stood the test of time. Ghostwood Estate is a rather new Kennywood experience. And it’s a really good dark ride that families will love.

The main thing to consider about Ghostwood Estate is that it’s an interactive dark ride. Sure it’s your typical ghost train, but the added benefit of the blasters on the cars is a really nice touch. Of course, that can take away from the beauty of the ride.

Unlike the current interactive dark rides, Ghostwood Estate uses real animatronics and props to tell its story. The screens of some 4D interactive rides aren’t present. This does somewhat hinder the great themeing, especially with little targets on the props.


Don’t let this sway you from trying out Ghostwood Estate. The ride itself is quite enthralling. The tiny targets on the themeing of the ride can trigger different things. Whether it be a flying ghost or moving books, there are some great surprises awaiting you. And even if the tiny targets can be a tad annoying, it’s not worth making a huge fuss about.

The one thing Ghostwood Estate has that not many other interactive dark rides don’t is a pre-show. While not much happens, it sets up the story pretty well. This was a nice touch by Kennywood to give the guests a more immersive experience.

The interactive dark ride that best compares to Ghostwood Estate is Boo Blasters at Cedar Fair parks. Both are intended to be for children and have a ghost/haunt element to them. Ghostwood Estate is the better of the two, given it’s better themeing and pre-show.

If you like ghost trains and interactive dark rides, you’ll love Ghostwood Estate at Kennywood. It’s not a perfect ride, but that shouldn’t take away from the enjoyment of it. Families adore these kinds of interactive dark rides, and that’s no different here.


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