Deadpool 2: What is the sequel hiding?

Glorious days are upon us! Finally a trailer for the untitled Deadpool sequel has hit the internet and we couldn’t wait to geek out. Ryan Reynolds is back as everyone’s favorite anti-hero and he’s bringing a huge cast with him. From the trailer alone we see Josh Brolin’s unfinished then finished Cable. In returning roles we also see, Morena Baccarin as Vanessa, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Tj Miller as Weasel, and a large handful of others.

Speaking of unfinished, is anyone else concerned that the film is out in about 3 months and doesn’t have a title? Not only is it still being referred to as “Untitled Deadpool Sequel” but it doesn’t have a character list for a large majority of the actors starring in the film. Seriously, check out the page. It’s mostly just a list of actors who are appearing in the film with blank roles.


Something is obviously fishy with this film. It appears 20th Century Fox is putting together a last-ditch effort to milk the character for everything they can before the ultimate sale off to Disney/Marvel. So why the secrecy? Is it largely because the giving away character names would spoil the plot of the movie? Just how big of a leap are they taking with the sequel? Something bigger is obviously on the way.

Could that something bigger be the fan awaited X-Force? Before the sale of Fox to Disney, the studio had high hopes for expanding their Marvel owned properties beyond X-Men. After the success of the long-awaited Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds, the green light was lit for any plans including an X-Force movie. With the Deadpool sequel starring Cable, it would either open up the door for Marvel Studios to run with the characters in the future, or for Fox to fire their last rounds in the sequel. X-Force has had it’s ups and downs in publication history but overall can be one of the successful spinoff brands.

With the nature of the Deadpool character and his fourth wall breaking antics, Fox would be wise to not release the name of the sequel until it first airs in theaters. They could reel the crowd in if it truly is a X-Force movie and isn’t revealed until the day of. Imagine getting to the theater and they only ever market it as Deadpool 2 then you see the title Deadpool 2: Rise of the X-Force. Nothing like it has ever been done before and would put the movie to over diehard fans right off the bat. To go into the movie with no real trailers, just all hype and shenanigans would be the highlight of the film. Expecting anything less from Deadpool is just plain crazy by now.[RickTwitter]

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