Black Panther Post-Credit Scene: 5 Possibilities For Marvel’s Next Blockbuster

Every time a new Marvel movie comes to theaters, one of the big questions is always, “how many post-credit scenes will the film have?”. So now that Black Panther has had its world premiere, and the embargo has lifted, initial reactions are hitting the internet, and we can expect to hear talk about those very scenes.

While actual spoilers about what the scenes will actually feature are likely out there already, and it has been confirmed that there will be two scenes, this writer has avoided all spoilers. It comes as no surprise there will be two scenes. Especially since this has been Marvel’s signature for the majority of films. While some films feature only one scene, and others (Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2), have more, two is the staple number.

Most times, one scene teases a future film, while the other scene is more for comedic purposes. However, given Black Panther looks to be one of Marvel’s more serious films, getting comparisons to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the inclusion of a comedic scene in the credits may not be in the cards.


With Avengers: Infinity War just a few months away, and the next Marvel film following the Black Panther solo adventure, it’s a virtual lock at least one scene will be to tease that massive blockbuster. In all likelihood, both scenes will be Infinity War related.

This writer’s gut says they will give fans a little good and a little bad in the credit scene. At least one of the two scenes will probably feature T’Challa or Wakanda in some fashion. They will do this to keep the connection to the film.

So with all that said, let’s jump into some possible post-credit scene ideas. Here are five possibilities for the next Marvel film.

Team Cap arrives in Wakanda

The last we saw Captain America, or should I say, Steve Rogers, he was in Wakanda. During the post-credit scene of Captain America: Civil War, the King of Wakanda was telling Steve he would keep Bucky safe. They were doing so by putting him to sleep for a while. So while we know Bucky remained in Wakanda (and not going anywhere), the likes of Steve Rogers, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man were all fugitives on the run.

From the first Infinity War trailer, we know all members of team Cap, with the exception of Ant-Man and Scarlet Witch, are in Wakanda. Now, based on the first Ant-Man and Wasp trailer, it’s probably a good bet Scott Lang goes back to be with Hank Pym and Hope. But to see the rest of the team, and other members of the Avengers (Black Widow, War Machine, and Hulk) coming together in Wakanda would be a great way to build some more excitement for the third Avengers film.

Black Order … Assemble!

As mentioned earlier, one scene will likely deal with some baddies. So instead of assembling the Avengers, why not have a group of villains join forces? We know Thanos will have some of his children, known as the Black Order, as henchmen in the film. We have yet to officially meet any of those characters on-screen yet.

What better way to introduce the fans other than during a credit scene tease?


The Soul Stone revealed

There are six total Infinity Stones. To date, we have found five of those cosmic Stones. The Space Stone is in Loki’s possession. The Mind Stone is planted in Vision’s forehead. Doctor Strange is the holder of the Time Stone. The last we saw the Reality Stone, it was with the Collector. Then there is the Power Stone, which is on Xandar, protected by the Nova Corps.

That leaves the Soul Stone. The first thought was it was with Heimdall. But after Thor: Ragnarok came and went with no sign of the Soul Stone, fans moved to their next best theory. Given how prominent Wakanda seemed to be in the first Infinity War trailer, it seems to be a good bet to be home to the final Stone. It is entirely possible they go through Black Panther without the Stone rearing its ugly head, only to let the reveal come during the credits. The link to Wakanda makes for the perfect timing.

The Winter Soldier awakens

Let’s keep this one simple. The last time we saw Bucky, he was in Wakanda, without an arm. He was placed in a deep freeze and was to be kept there in hiding, since he is, in fact, a fugitive. We also know he is going to be awake during Infinity War, with a brand new shiny arm.

So why waste time in the beginning of Infinity War in waking him up and giving him a new virbranium arm? Especially considering we all know it’s coming. Getting it done during the post-credit scene will allow for the story to progress. While it will also giving some hype to the next Avengers flick.


Thanos’ reign of terror begins

This one can take multiple forms. Thanos is the king of credit scene appearances, having been featured in multiple clips to date. So it would only make sense to feature him in the final scene before his big-time “debut”, right? Why not have him come in and do some damage. Thus, killing off a character they are considering removing.

One possibility would be to have him kill off someone like Grandmaster. Maybe he arrives on Xandar and takes out a large portion of the Nova Corps as he takes the Power Stone. He could take out some of the (or in all likelihood, all of) the Asgardians. In the process, he could dispatch of Hulk and Thor, whole killing Heimdall. He would also retrieve the Space Stone from Loki in the process.

So what do you think Marvel fans? What extra treats will we get during the two post-credit scenes at the conclusion of Black Panther? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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