Philadelphia Eagles, Nick Foles Told NFL And History To Kiss Their A** With Super Bowl Win

The wait is over for the City Of Brotherly Love, the Philadelphia Eagles, their fans, and the NFL. For decades, the Eagles were cemented as one of the teams who will never win the big one. Much like the dark cloud that followed Peyton Manning around most of his career until he finally got the monkey off his back against the Chicago Bears.

The 2017 season was one of a regrouping year for the Philadelphia Eagles. The problem was, the Eagles never got the memo they were not supposed to be this good, this fast. How was a team with a second-year coach and quarterback, supposed to overtake the NFC from the likes of the Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Minnesota Vikings? There weren’t. But yet, Doug Pederson told his team to believe.

In the offseason, the Philadelphia Eagles gathered up players other teams had no use for and used that as motivation to get where they wanted to go. Would there have been a Super Bowl victory without LeGarrette Blount, Chris Long, Jay Ajayi, Torrey Smith or Alshon Jeffery? What about giving an undrafted rookie like Corey Clement a chance?

The Eagles started hot with likely MVP Carson Wentz leading the way until he went down with a season-ending injury against the Los Angeles Rams in week 14. Pederson had to be worried but he inserted 2013 Eagles’ hero Nick Foles into the starting lineup and fans from other teams came from under their rocks and laughed. “The Eagles season is officially over now”. Foles is no Wentz”. It’s like Night and Day between the two quarterbacks”. Maybe they had a point, but what they forgot was that Foles was not new to this situation, pressure, or offense.

As the playoffs rolled around, Foles resembled more Cody Kessler than Wentz but many forgot the Eagles didn’t win 13 games just from the QB position alone. What about the top 5 defense in the NFL or the cast of offensive weapons at Foles’ disposal? Entering their Divisional showdown against the Atlanta Falcons, the Eagles would enter the game underdogs at home. No pressure there as the team adapted to that role and shut down the 2016 NFC Champs and moved on to the NFC Championship Game against the favorite Minnesota Vikings.

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This was the game where Foles made believers of Eagles’ fans again while pissing off the NFL and legions of other fans. The Vikings were the new “Team of Destiny” with Wentz out and Foles struggling. The Vikes took their opening possession right down the field and scored and from there Foles and the Eagles took over.

No One Expected The Philadelphia Eagles To Win Super Bowl

With the Eagles set to battle the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, the Foles haters were out in full force. There was no way Bill Belichick and Tom Brady were going to lose to a backup quarterback and a team that’s playing in their third playoff game as underdogs. The game was billed as the Eagles vs the Patriots and their demons.

The Philadelphia Eagles were the new roadblock for the darlings of the NFL. Could the Patriots steamroll the underdog Eagles and put Brady and Belichick on an even higher pedestal? In one of the most intense Super Bowl in years, the Eagles went toe-to-toe with the favorite Pats and in the end, the Birds were the ones left celebrating as the immortal Brady fumbled the Pats’ chances away.

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The Eagles were not supposed to achieve what they did during the season. They were not supposed to beat the Falcons or the Vikings without Wentz. And there was no way Foles was supposed to upstage Brady in his moment. And yet, Pederson outcoached Belichick, the undrafted rookie, Clement resembled LeSean McCoy and Foles was the mirror image of Wentz. In the end, the Eagles got their first ever Super Bowl and those same fans who doubted this team can’t do anything but congratulate them on something they knew all along. The NFL is a team game.

The demons were slain, Brady and the Pats were defeated and the Eagles are the champs. The NFL never wanted this to happen. Fans didn’t need for the Eagles to win and no one wanted a backup to beat the Golden Boy Brady. Guess they didn’t pay attention to the Eagles 13 wins this season. All in a days work.


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