The Tick: Ms. Lint Is Regaining Power

Ms. Lint is a true bad ass. She’s one of the best villains on The Tick (okay, she’s one of the only villains on The Tick), and has just regained her power thanks to a moving speech by The Terror. What will Ms. Lint do next? Can she be stopped?

The first half of The Tick Season 1 was full of twists and turns. We saw Ms. Lint go from pure evil to semi-soft. The Terror was able to bring the former side out of her. It was him that convinced her to kill Ramses and become the leader of the criminal underworld in the city.

With Arthur figuring out the plans of The Terror, it’s up to Ms. Lint to get his suit. She’s going to have to be the same treacherous woman she was when The Terror was in power. With him gone, she followed orders from Ramses, a less than powerful man. And now she’s got her motivation back.


This all spells doom for Arthur. In fact, Ms. Lint knows where he and his family live. Indeed, she is hot on his tail. We’ve seen Arthur escape her once with the suit, but next time he might not be so lucky. Furthermore, Arthur and The Tick are the only ones that can stop The Terror from killing Superian. Getting that suit should be the primary objective for Ms. Lint.

We’ve yet to really see how powerful Ms. Lint really is. She’s shot lightning out of her hands, but that seems to be child’s play compared to what she’s done before. Thus, the Terror made her out to be some incredibly terrible person. When motivated, Ms.Lint could be very hard to defeat. She went soft, got married, and lost her edge. That’s not the case anymore.

Hence, this is what the Terror got out of her. He’s made Ms. Lint a ruthless killer once again. Who knows what she’ll do to Arthur once she gets her hands on him. It’s time we finally see Ms. Lint’s true power.


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