Washington Redskins: Tagging Kirk Cousins is a bad Idea

By now, we know that the Washington Redskins traded for QB Alex Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs. Ultimately, this move would make their QB Kirk Cousins a free agent when the league year starts. That begins on March 14. However, this may not happen. The Redskins may still end up playing tag and trying to get some sort of compensation for Cousins. Here is why.

A report surfaced on Sunday that the Washington Redskins are still considering placing the franchise tag on their once considered franchise QB. This would allow the Redskins to receive compensation for Cousins. The comp could come by way of trade or if they use the non-exclusive tag, they could receive draft picks. However, I am not a fan of this move at all. It could really come back to bite this team in the ass.

Why is the franchise tag bad for the Washington Redskins?

If the Redskins placed the tag on Cousins it would mean that they are on the hook or $34 million. As soon as the team places the tag, that money goes against their cap. This is where this gets tricky.

With the exclusive tag, Cousins would have to agree to sign the tag tender that the Redskins place. The team cannot complete the trade without him doing so. If Cousins wants to screw over the franchise, he could sit on this for as long as possible. This would eat up nearly $50 million of available cap space (between Cousins and Smith).

Washington Redskins could use Non-Exclusive Tag

Thus, with the non-exclusive tag Kirk Cousins could seek offers from other teams. Much like the transition tag, the Washington Redskins would have seven days to match a signed offer sheet. If the team does not, they would then receive two draft picks. By default, the rule states that the Redskins would receive first rounders. However, the two teams could agree to other picks.

Washington Redskins could use Transition Tag

The transition tag is much like the non-exclusive franchise tag. Cousins would be allowed to seek offers from other teams. If he chose to sign the offer sheet from said team, then the Redskins would then have seven days to match. Here is the difference. If, the Redskins do not match they also do not get any compensation for this tag.

There could be an alternate scenario with this tag. Say the team does use the transition designation. Cousins works out a deal with another team. Meanwhile, the Redskins and other team work out a trade agreement. Cousins brings contract agreement back to Washington without signing an offer sheet. He then signs the transition tag tender and the two teams complete the trade.

However this plays out, I think the Washington Redskins are making a big mistake by tagging Cousins. While all fans, I included, wanted some sort of compensation for Kirk Cousins it’s is time to “Let It Go!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmd3Izkmx3w

They do not need a chunk out of the old rear-end.

How do you feel about the possibility of Kirk Cousins being tagged? Leave a comment below.

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