Super Bowl LII: The Philadelphia Eagles are World Champions

Super Bowl LII is in the books. The Philadelphia Eagles are your Super Bowl LII Champions. After some lackluster hype, the game was well played. Both teams were well coached and came ready to play. Nonetheless, the Eagles came out with their first championship.

The first half was an offensive show. While the defenses made some plays here and there, the offenses showed their stuff. In fact, the two teams put up over 600 yards in the first half. Patriots QB Tom Brady and Eagles QB Nick Foles both had over 200 yards passing.

Each team also had their mishaps. Stephen Gostkowski and Jake Elliot would both miss extra points. Gots would also miss a FG due to a bad snap.

The first half was not without some trickery as well. Thus, both teams attempting QB receiving plays. The difference there, Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles can catch and Brady could not. That play would end up being the difference in scoring in the first half.

The Patriots opened the second half with the football. They would go down the field with 4 passes to Rob Gronkowski leading the way. His TD would pull the New England Patriots within three points.

The Philadelphia Eagles would answer with a spectacular drive of their own. The drive would be led by LeGarrette Blount with some strong runs. Nick Foles would then cap off the drive with a spectacular pass to Corey Clement. The refs would review this play and it would be upheld.

The teams would continue to go back and forth with neither team playing much defense. The Patriots would take the lead on a Gronkowski TD. Then the Eagles would then retake the league with a wonderful dive, capped off by Foles to Ertz.

The Eagles defense would make a play when it was needed most. Brandon Graham would get the first sack of the game on Tom Brady. The Eagles would recover the fumble to run down the clock and increase their lead to eight with 1:05 left in the game.

In an offensive game, the Eagles defense would come up big late and give them the Super Bowl LII crown.

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