How long is the Super Bowl 52 halftime?

Super Bowl 52 is here. The Philadelphia Eagles take on the New England Patriots for the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Each team will enjoy an extended halftime as this year’s Super Bowl will be at least 30 minutes long, which had been the case in recent history.

Usually, NFL halftimes are 12 minutes or so. However, the Super Bowl is as much about the entertainment factor as it is about the teams playing the game. As a result, there are more events happening at the halftime break, including Justin Timberlake singing. There may be other guests and surprises yet to come.

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Nonetheless, many music fans tune in to the Super Bowl at halftime. On the other hand, many party goers use this time to fill up their beverages and grab more food. The good news is there’s extra time to also talk, which doesn’t happen much during the actual game action.


The game’s momentum could shift as well due to the extended break. Players can use the extra time wisely to relax and rework something ahead of the second half. Either way, both team’s adrenaline will be running the entire game as they look to bring home the trophy for their respective team.

With the halftime break extended, the game will last longer. This doesn’t bode well for fans who must report to work on Monday. Yet, fans will say it’s worth it especially if the halftime show lives up to the hype and their favorite team wins the big game.

All in all, the game should be worth watching. Use the 30-minute halftime show wisely so you don’t miss any of the game’s action. This game could easily be dominated by the defenses or turn into a high scoring affair as the game is played in a balmy 70 degrees or so. In the end, one team will be crowned champions, while the others go home without a ring.


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