Disjointed: Will Travis And Olivia Finally Be Together?

Is there still chemistry between Olivia and Travis? We know the two had ideas of being together on the early episodes of Disjointed, but nothing ever came of it. Do things heat up between the two in the future, or is this just a dead issue?

Olivia seemed to have burned her bridge with Travis when she accepted Angelo DeStevens offer of marketing her Shitballs. DeStevens wanted Travis out of the deal, Olivia agreed. This set up some tension between the two at the latter part of Season 1.

As we know, Travis ended up saving Olivia from this terrible deal, one that saw her likeness on a toilet that dispensed Shitballs. Did he do this because he has feelings for Olivia, or just to be a good friend? It’s honestly a mixture of both, as he’s probably still got some sort of romantic attraction to her.

If it weren’t for Ruth getting into both Travis and Olivia’s head, the two might have been a couple already. Yet, seeing as how Ruth wanted her son to marry and have kids with Olivia, neither he or Olivia were too keen on the pressure. All they saw was Ruth, and it became too awkward between the two to date.

With Ruth on the road with Walter, Travis and Olivia now have the time to straighten things out. Ruth isn’t there, and the two should have the ability to make something work. That doesn’t mean it will actually happen though. The two have seemed to never tackle the relationship issue.

A Travis and Olivia relationship would be a nice change of pace for Disjointed. We’ve already got Jenny and Carter and Dank and Dabby, so another couple wouldn’t hurt things at all. Sure, Travis tried to get one over on Olivia with the Shitballs, but his intent is still to have something with her.

At Dank and Dabby’s party, Olivia seemed pretty interested and concerned when Sabine was courting Travis. She does care about him. And if Travis didn’t care about Olivia, he wouldn’t have saved her from DeStevens. The two need to at least hook up. That’s something we can all look forward to in Season 2.

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