Fuller House: Despite His Own Home, Fernando Wants To Move Back With Kimmy And Ramona

Fuller House isn’t the same without Fernando living under the same roof as DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, and the kids. And while he does show up on the regular, he just seems different not living there.

Fernando, in an attempt to lure Kimmy and Ramona into living with him, bought the old Gibbler house next door. We’ve seen what he’s done with the place, turning it into an exact replica of the old Gibbler home. Living with Jimmy, Kimmy’s brother, and Stephanie’s boyfriend, he’s got himself quite the set-up.

All the amenities of having your own house don’t mean anything to Fernando, though. He wants to live in his own house with his family. Kimmy and Ramona have been reluctant to move, despite Fernando catering to their every need at the house. You can tell this takes a toll on him.

It’s obvious he misses the house with all the Fuller family. He’s continuously next door. In fact, it seems he spends more time there than his own house. We might not see how much it bothers him on the show, but it’s obvious after his actions. Fernando has a want to return next door.


Now, with Danny supposedly moving in with DJ and gang, Fernando is even more out of luck. Although, this could be a blessing in disguise for him. With Danny in the house, it might encourage Ramona and Kimmy to move next door.

Unfortunately, that probably won’t happen, as Kimmy is the surrogate for Stephanie’s baby. You’d expect her to stay very grounded and not leave the house during the pregnancy. Still, Fernando would be very caring and take care of Kimmy during this time, but she’d probably want to be much closer to Stephanie.

Fernando has grown into a fan favorite on Fuller House. And while him living next door hasn’t changed the show dynamic as much, it’s nice to see him fight so much to be with his family. It’s possible in the future we see Kimmy and Ramona move in with him, but it’s not the right time now.

Let’s see where things go with Fernando in Season 4. He’s still a big part of the show. Kimmy and he are set to marry soon. Doesn’t she want to live with her future husband? At some point, Fernando will get his wish. And then we’ll see a much different side of Fernando.


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