WWE 205 Live: Rockstar Spud was not the ideal first choice

As we saw on 205 Live this week, they now have a general manager. It just so happens that the new general manager of 205 Live is former TNA superstar Rockstar Spud. However, it is worth noting that in the WWE he will be going under the name of Drake Maverick. I don’t understand why the WWE didn’t just stick with the Rockstar Spud gimmick, I don’t think that TNA owns the rights to it. However, that is not why I am not liking this concept.


When I heard that they were picking a new General Manager for 205 Live, I figured it was going to be Shane Helms, Rey Mysterio, or someone who has name recognition. Unless you are a hardcore fan, you probably have no idea who he even is. I am all in favor of them working on saving the 205 Live brand. However, I would have gone a totally different direction. I figured that he would have become an in-ring performer when he got signed. Also, I am not taking away from the fact that he is great on the microphone, but he wasn’t the first name I would have thought of.

I am of the mindset to give him a shot. We are in the thick of WrestleMania season, so the pressure will be on him even more. It will be interesting to see how this tournament plays out. Furthermore, if there is still hope for this third brand. Saying 205 Live a third brand is a stretch because I look at NXT as more of the third brand than 205 Live. Between now and WrestleMania will be where he can make it or break it. I will be the first one to say that he did it if he can turn it around. However, if he screws this up then I will be the first one to sit there and say that I told you so.



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