The End Of The F***ing World: What Will Happen To James?

The End of the F***ing World on Netflix was such a dark show. From the onset, you must admit you were a tad freaked by the main character, James. However, by seasons end, he started to grow on me. And if the cliffhanger for the first season is any indication, we might have seen the last of him.

We know James isn’t really dead. The final image we saw of the TEOTFW, saw James running down a beach trying to escape the cops. Then we heard a gunshot right before the screen turns black. Does this mean he’s been shot? Probably, but not with any life-threatening injury.

James, who killed a man who was trying to rape Alyssa, turned 18 on the day the cops caught up to them. He knew he’d be going to jail, not as a minor, but an adult. This spelled doom for him surely, so he took off, leaving Alyssa.


We know James will take the blame for anything that was done over the course of the two’s travels. Alyssa was just as much at fault as he was though. Still, James did kill someone, and whether he had a good reason for it or not, there’s not much he can do.

Nobody really thinks James is dead. He’s going to be around for a second season (assuming the show gets one). He could spend a lot of that time in jail, or he could be out on bail, and there’s even the possibility he doesn’t face charges at all. We do know that he’s going to own up to his crimes though.

There’s still a future for James and Alyssa. The two fell in love over the course of the first season, and she’s not going to sit back and watch him suffer in jail or at the cops mercy. She’ll stick up for James, and will fight for him any way she can.

The End of the F***ing World was a wonderful show that showcased a very dark comedy. James was the highlight of it, so killing him wouldn’t make much sense. There’s still a story to tell. And leaving fans of the show in the dark about his potential death, and, or, legal trouble, would be quite the bummer. He’ll be fine, and the show will go on.


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