Super Bowl LII: There is a Lackluster Buildup for this Game

The Super Bowl. This is the final game of a long and grueling season. For the fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, there is angst. The long two weeks to wait for the game to come. They can build up their hype. However, for the common fan the feel this year is different. For this being, the week leading to Super Bowl LII the talk is very quiet. So, what is making this year different?

I see one of the reasons being the participants. Everyone knows about the New England Patriots. They have been here before. It is a common theme with this team. Every stinking year we are talking about the Patriots as the favorite to win the American Football Conference. Thus, to see it again, for the casual fan, it is boring. There is no hype for boredom.

On the other side, you have the Philadelphia Eagles. They are attempting to win their first ever title. However, there is little information on them. The casual fan may not know the story of the backup QB, Nick Foles. They may think that since they are playing the New England Patriots, that the team has done lost. Whatever the case, it is quiet on this side too.

What has the NFL done to spice up Super Bowl LII?

When you have a lack of interest in your product there needs to be something done to spice it up. The NFL has failed in this aspect. In fact, there has not been much emphasis placed on Super Bowl LII. For a league that is concerned about its revenue and ratings, you would think there would be more splash. More hype!

Why not talk about how the Eagles are poised to take down the giant redwood known as the Patriots. Thus, creating an atmosphere that will get fans of other teams involved. Promote the game more with innovations and not the same blah.

All in all, no matter how you feel, this game has lacked a proper build up. Maybe the “All Quiet on the Western Front” mentality will lead us to one of the best games in Super Bowl history. On the other hand, maybe the NFL is not selling it because THEY already know the outcome.

Do you feel the build-up for Super Bowl LII has been adequate? Leave a comment below.

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