New York Jets Rumors: Team will do Jets things in Pursuit of Kirk Cousins

With the New York Jets sitting with $72 Million dollars in cap space and trying to trade Muhammad Wilkerson they will have even more room. There are many things wrong with the Jets organization like ownership. However, what we will focus on is one that can be fixed. The quarterback position is a big, glaring weakness for the Jets. With the latest trade, it puts Kirk Cousins on the market as the biggest free agent available.

The part of this that is Jets doing Jets things is they will most likely overpay for Cousins.  Take for instance the QB who was just traded to Cousins soon to be former team.  Alex Smith was traded to the Washington Redskins and signed a 5-year extension. The extension is worth $100+ Million with $70 Million of that guaranteed. Cousins is younger and slightly more talented than the aforementioned Alex Smith. So what does that mean, that means the Jets are going to have to pony up.  Cousins will also come with a bidding war as the Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos and even yes the Minnesota Vikings looking to pay for his services. These are the reasons why the Jets will overpay for Cousins. Thus they will present him as a hero this franchise is missing.


If I was GM of the New York Jets

What would I do if I was the Jets GM? Well, it’s quite simple I would first offer Kirk Cousins a 4-year $90 Million dollar deal with $72 of it guaranteed. Similar to what Alex Smith got from the Redskins.  If he takes it great if not then I would turn my sights to one of the 3 Viking QBs who are going to hit free agency.  Because let’s face it, Case Keenum, Sam Bradford, and Teddy Bridgewater are all hitting the free agent market.  It is highly unlikely and illogical to think the Vikings will sign all 3 back.  This leaves the Jets in a better position to not push the panic button and overpay for Kirk “You like that” Cousins.  The smart move for the Jets would be to sign Teddy Bridgewater. Nonetheless, we all know smart and Jets cannot exist in the same sentence. As my Uncle Vinny would say Fish got to swim, Birds got to fly and Jets have to do Jets things.


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