WWE 205 Live: Give The Cruiserweight Division A 6-Man Tag Championship

205 Live needs to consider adding a 6-man tag belt. With promotions such as Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor incorporating the titles, this is the perfect chance for WWE to be using them. With the high-flying abilities of the cruiserweight, adding this title would really help enhance the product we are getting on 205.

There needs to be something else to carry 205 Live. The 6-man belts would be a fun, fresh, and exciting way to do that. It’s a style of wrestling that would really capture the art of the cruiserweights. In addition, it’s also a way to keep the product relevant.

Of course, adding more superstars to the 205 Live roster needs to be a priority for a 6-man belt to happen. You’ve got a lot of hungry NXT stars ready to make the leap onto 205. Andrade “Cien” Almas, Lio Rush, Roderick Strong, Johnny Gargano, all names that could be a part of the growing 205 Live roster. And with a new roster and belt comes more TV time.


The 6-man belts give 205 Live a secondary belt. With just the Cruiserweight Title, the mid-card has no other way to get themselves into meaningful TV time. Sure, there will be other feuds to go off of, but a real 6-man title would do wonders for the likes of Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Lince Dorado, who have proven to be quite the team in recent weeks.

There are quite a few different routes 205 Live can go with the 6-man belts. The most obvious choice is giving them to the aforementioned Lucha team of Kalisto, Metalik, and Dorado. This would be an established trio that works together. All three are faces and would be a good fit for one another.

You’ve also got an option of doing random team-ups similar to that of Lucha Underground. In fact, that show pairs up heels, faces, friends, and enemies on the same teams. Here’s the ideal scenario for 205 Live. This brings a whole new dynamic to the program. Imagine Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak, and TJP on the same team. It’s a mash-up of some bitter rivals and a mix of face and heel.

What better way to add intrigue to the 205 division than by adding a 6-man title. Additionally, it’s something WWE hasn’t done in years past. Not only does it show growth, but also keeps them up to date with the current promotions in the USA. It’s not a guaranteed success for 205 Live, but why not add some pizzazz to Monday and Tuesday night.


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