Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Is Titus Really Over Mikey?

Will Titus ever move on from Mikey? I’ve written before about Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and how much the loveable friend of Kimmy has a lot to look forward to. But can he move on from someone who meant so much to him?

Titus never really knew what to do with Mikey. He didn’t want anything to get too serious seeing as it was Mikey’s first gay. relationship. Titus just couldn’t handle all the little things about him, and eventually cut him out of his life, telling Mikey to find someone and practice how to be in a relationship with a man.

Little did Titus know that he’d miss Mikey. Secretly spying on him at his job, doing things that some would find as stalkerish, Titus came to the conclusion he needed him. It wasn’t until he saw him at a convenience store with a more successful man that he became jealous.


Titus tried to win him back, but with no success. After failing to get him on a cruise boat, he vowed to get over Mikey. That still doesn’t seem as if he’s actually going to. We know Titus can be very emotional and overdramatic. And knowing how much he holds onto things, it’s a good guess he’ll still think of Mikey.

It’s unclear if Mikey will make an appearance in Season 4 or not. There might not even be a mention of him by Titus in the new season. After all, he’s out to conquer the entertainment world with the help of Jacqueline. It’s just not like Titus to not think of things from his past, especially past lovers.

Mikey meant a lot to him. Whether or not Titus will admit that isn’t known. He had strong feelings for him but didn’t know until he was gone. A lot of it might be jealousy. All we know is Titus was hurting inside for quite some time, and that won’t go away. No matter who much he tells himself he’s over Mikey, he’s not.

If anything season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt was a wake-up call for Titus. He needed to get himself together. Sure, he’ll miss Mikey and probably won’t get over him, but he’s stronger for at least giving it one more shot. And yes, he did fail at that, but Titus won’t fail at reaching his dream of being famous.


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