New England Patriots: Does Tom Brady retire after the Super Bowl?

Ask any New England Patriots fan who the greatest quarterback of all-time is and of course they’ll say Tom Brady. His career has been as historic as they come and though he shows no signs of slowing down, will he retire if he wins his sixth Super Bowl this season? Brady has said he wants to keep playing well into his 40’s and will come back as long as the team will have him.


The Patriots never want to see the future Hall of Fame quarterback leave but at some point his time will come. Even though his skills haven’t diminished, an unprecedented six championships might be a good place to stop. No other quarterback in NFL history has more than four so his legacy is safe for a while. Even as he’s burned through the record books, at 40 years old he’d have nothing left to prove. He’s been one of the best game managers in football and has engineered some of the greatest come backs in the history of the sport so what reason does he have to hang on?

At some point in his life, Brady will want to a family man. With a 8-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter at home, Brady has to start thinking about life after football. It’s a bit easier for players to be away from home at while their children are still young enough to not notice. However, as his children get older and start getting involved into activities of their own it’ll come to the point where Brady will have to choose family over football. With absolutely nothing more to play for other than the love of the game, no one would blame him if he chose family.

With all that he’s accomplished Tom Brady will go down as the greatest player to suit up for the New England Patriots. He and Bill Belichick have brought the team back from obscurity and have built a dynasty that has rivaled the all-time great sports teams. Now with rumors flying of a rift between Belichick, Brady, and owner Robert Kraft Brady might be rethinking playing into his late 40’s. While those rumors were quickly shot down, the Patriots stand to lose both their offensive and defensive coordinators this offseason. On top of that, they’ve traded away two potential replacements for Brady mid-season. For that reason alone Tom Brady should be expected back for at least one more season. However, if this truly is the start of a retooling season for the Patriots, he might not stick around longer than that.[RickTwitter]

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